Burning pain in foot/shin?

Hi all

I started running last summer, did my first 10k in October and my first half marathon last weekend; currently training for a full marathon. Over the months (despite being fitted for a suitable pair of shoes due to flat feet and overpronation) I've been getting an intermittent burning pain on the top of my left foot, which gets worse and spreads up along the bottom of my shin when I continue running/speed up once it starts. Thing is, it doesn't happen every time I run. I've been using anti-inflammatory gels and a support bandage which seems to help a little, but even with this is flares up occasionally. I seem to have no way of predicting it! I've had some trouble with tight calves, and occasionally get pain down the outside edge of my left calf (both calves ache for the first mile or two of my runs). Does anyone know what's causing this, or whether the calf/foot/shin issues are linked somehow!? It's driving me nuts!



  • I'm no physio or doctor, but i've had the same before when I've had problems with sciatica - and the root of that is in the small of your back. Do you get pain there too? As I say, I'm no physio...

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