Another Unoffical URWFRC race

Turns out 25 of us are already booked into the Brighton 10K. Come and joins us people. Lets make this bigger than Windsor. See the Brighton events thread for details


  • Dont know if Ill be allowed
    When is it again?
  • I think I will BK. I'll have to bring the mini Snicks and someone to look after them while I run, but 10k's nothing, I'll be aiming for Sub 45! I'll have to find out if there are any mini races on - and then an afternoon on the beach. Excellent!
  • Sub 45? Shouldn't be a problem Snicks. I'm not volunteering for the babysitting though...
  • Snicks - do you really know what Brighton beach is like on a Sunday afternoon in November?!!
  • Benz, see the Brighton thread for more details. I entered via web site last night.

    Snicks/Venom here we go again. Just like old times. How olds Mini Snicks then. Must introduce you to Mrs BK and Small BK next time.

    Beware all its not a big race so fill your forms in asap
  • Hi every one

    I've just entered the Brighton 10k and it will be my first race with my new URWFRC vest on. I saw quite a few on the Windsor run and was spurred on to sign up.

    Snicks, there is a fantastic playgroung on the front near the old pier. Best of all there is a really nice cafe right next door that sells fry up breakfasts. Mr Jump and the jumpets will be camped there for the duration.

    I hope to see you all say hi but being a race novice all I'llprobably see is your heels :-)

  • Nice one JJ. Add your name on the Brighton thread if its not already there. See you there
  • I'm tempted to apply. The only thing that puts me off is the godawful journey from London to Brighton and back. Why can't they just put six lanes of concrete over Coulsdon?

  • Waapster - I quite agree about the journey from London to Brighton, especially that early on a Sunday morning.

    How about a bunch of us getting a cheap hotel in Brighton the night before and having a forumite night out on the lash? Would give us a chance to test those theories regarding beer/red wine and PBs. Anyone up for it?

    BTW, you can enter the race online here.

  • Thanks for the link Venom - soooo clever and techy (I'm easily impressed)

    Looks good, I'll think about it...
  • I'll be down the night before as I am combining it with a visit to my sister! So let me know where you will be and I'll join you.

    After the race, I'll then be jumping on the train to get back to Twickenham in time for the rugby - apparently this is the quickest way to travel...!!
  • Hi BK, are you about?? Was out all day, yes that is fine to have a Brighton 10km page like Windsor had, send me an email if you wish.
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