Hill training

Done my 1st Ultra last Oct, Norfolk 100k and loved it! I'm now looking to do some hill reps as I know not all Ultras will be as flat and I'm interested in White Cliffs run. What should I concerntrate on for helping me hill run in ultras and long runs - less reps and more speed or more reps and less speed?


  • It really depends on what you're trying to achieve, if you're going to be a front runner in the races you do then train specific to your race, both in speed and terrain. If you're like me and you're never going to trouble anyone at the front then endurance base is your friend
  • I'm just looking at improving my endurance so is it a case of either one will do?



  • Both will build your endurance, if you run up hills fast you'll improve your ability to run up hills fast, there's no secret to it, specificity is important to me as a runner, I try to tailor what I'm doing to what I'm racing in the future
  • Ok cheers! I'm going to mix it up then - I'm not looking to run fast, just love the long runs

  • Like Lirish says, depends what you're trying to achieve. Might be worth getting used to power hiking up hills too.....

  • I find running up and down hills uses my muscles quite differently to running on the flat. The uphills stress my glutes, the downhills my quads. If you are planning on a hilly race then hit the hills in training. I would probably mix it up between a few long reps and many short reps.

    I don't know the route of the White Cliffs run, but it is likely none of the hills will be huge, but it will be constantly up/down/up/down and some of them will be steep which can make it difficult to get into a rhythm. When I did the Jurassic Coast a few years ago I used the steep hills as an excuse to walk.

  • Thanks for the advice I'm going to really mix it up. Just want to be in the position of knowing if hills come up on a run I can handle it, also the walking up hills makes sense image

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