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Hi everyone


I'm really new to running and am looking to get running shoes in a few weeks when I'm home (I'm a student).

Some shops offer fitting using a treadmill and video camera etc, one nearby has started offering "Natural gait analysis" where you run on the street and they watch you.

Are these much of a muchness or is one "better"? I really have no idea what I am looking for I just keep reading advice to "buy proper shoes"?

Can anyone offer advice?






  • there is a good section on types of shoes on this site.

    A proper running shop should give you good advice and offer shoes that are suitable for you, this will not always be the most expensive. They want to keep your business!

  • Yeah thats the sort of thing I was looking for. Thanks image

  • There are pros and cons to treadmill versus on-street gait analysis.

    Running on the street is probably more natural and unrestricted, where as a treadmill can have a small effect on your gait....  but the on-street observer can't slow a video down and show YOU how you're running, which I find interesting.   The skill of the observer is important... and probably moreso for the on-street option, because by its nature, you soon disappear from easy viewing distance - someone watching you on a treadmill can take their time and do this comfortably, and also use the video for analysis too. 

    I've had both - and both came to the same conclusion about my gait, which is encouraging.  In conclusion, I'd say that if I could guarantee to have the very top biomechanic expert to analyse my gait, I'd choose the street.  But on balance, I'd suggest that someone with a decent reputation with a treadmill would normally be the better option. I preferred the treadmill experience.    But I wouldn't knock either method.

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