valentines day

Ballet. Curry. Cocktails. Did the recycling. Let her win at scrabble.

I win at valentines day.


  • As a single person all I have to say is what a load of commercialised tosh! image

  • what about my day is commercial tosh?

  • We had cocktails, a slap up meal and...get this...a new bed!! Top trumpsed ya! image
  • as a married man all i can say is what a load of crap it is. my romantic thought of the day- roses are red, violets are blue, liverpool 0, st petersburg 2. yea im a united fan that hates liverpool

  • I got taken to an exhibition, then to dinner, and given a box of my most favourite chocolates, which are quite hard to find image

  • The original St Valentine was sentenced to death by stoning....its funny how no one wants to celebrate that image!

    I don't need to be told by 'the commercial interests that be' what day of the year I need to be nice to my OH on image.

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