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A bit traumatised asking this question as everyone seems so fast...

i have only done one marathon the VLM in 5.42.... I did have to wait for the loo for 15 mins but my hips gave out at about mile 14 and I had to shuffle round . I had previously run 20 miles in 3..30 hours and so thought under 5 was a possibility. I have also done a number of halfs, all around the 2.30 mark and my 10k pb is a measly 1.06. I have had to cancel a number of races including the Brighton Marathon this year and all my spring halfs because of an operation on my knee but now that I am back to building up my running almost as a beginner so how do I build myself up so that I no longer run at snails pace?

I find that whether I am felling great or terrible as I go round I always end up with the same time and also I seem to be desperately slow. I do suffer from asthma and so whilst I CAN do a 10min mile I can't keep it up for much longer than 2 miles.......what can I do? Or do I just have to accept that I am slow...I was a sprinter at school and am coming up for 53 so I'm no spring chicken! 


  • Just realised that I misunderstood this and have missed the talkback and can't now delete!
  • If you factor up from your 10k then that predicts 5.04 anyway.

    What about working on your 10k time to see if you can improve that ? You need to run faster if you want to beat 5 hours.

    What is your training week - what do you do and what pace ? 53 is only young. You can't use that excuse !image
  • that 20 mile race was a good time.......much faster than your half marathon times.......

    when did you do that 20 miler.was it shortly before the marathon.......if it was near the end of the marathon raining that might be why you were slower than hoped for in your marathon as you must have raced your socks off for that and it would have taken quite a long time to recover from.......

  • Hi i am taking part in my first Marathon in Manchester on April 28 and have been  running regular and taking it more serious the past 5 years or so,entering 10k runs my personal best was 41 min. At the moment i am probably averaging about 25 miles per week with a couple of speed work sessions and am not sure this is enough the closer it gets to the Marathon itself.

    All i think about is how far i can run when i am next out and want to push myself each time.


    Can you give me some advice on how to prepare,how far i should be running each week etc???


  • i think you're a couple of weeks late for Martin's advice, Steven

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