New Runner, inside leg hurting


Please dont judge me but having weighed a few weeks ago and found out I am 16s8 I decided to start the couch to 5k.  I have never been small but had been a stable size 12.  I have been active and into moto x, tennis, swimming but within 7 years I have had four children and have little time for any of the sports I really enjoy & have just got bigger and bigger, I am now a size 20.


I have never been interested in running for fittness as there were other activities I found more fun but now realise that running could be the answer as I can do it as home (we already have a running machine as hubby likes to run).


I have had a little bit of discomfort on the inside of my lower leg when running that continues after the run but it is gone by the next day but on Monday I did the 3rd run of week 2 of the couch to 5k and am still suffering with the inside of my leg.  It wasn't to bad when I was running but really hurt when I stopped.  I put a cold compress on but am still feeling discomfort.

Now I don't know what to do.  Today is day 4 since I last ran & I really want to do a run but I am still feeling a little discomfort in my leg.  Do I still run or wait until the pain has completly gone? & is there anything I can do to stop/help the injury.


  • Hi KCEL first of all well done for doing something!

    Injuries are always a tough one!

    My really simple advice is if you cant run, walk! image

    It will help you build up and get you used to time on your feet. Its also great for working out some of those aches and pains.

    I am not really a fan of running machines myself but I still use them for speed training. Go for a walk outside, the variation in terrain will do wonders for your leg and to your ego! image

    A lot of running is in your mind, train your mind and you will never be stopped!  

  • Thanks Back2basics.

    I went to a running shop and got fitted with some correct trainers.  Had to run on running machine in shop so they could record my running style (very embarrasing) but the staff were fantastic, very helpful and gave me loads of info about the way I run!


    As my leg is still hurting I have been walking instead of running and have been swimming while the kids were in there swimming lessons then swam with dd4 on my back so I could carry on doing laps!!


    The running shop I went to said I should join a running club instead of sticking solely to the running machine but there doesn't seem to be any in my area.  Does anyone know a good place to search for groups for beginners that can run/walk. 


  • You could try and look for a local Park run? Its FREE! image

  • Physio.

    There you go. Simple answer. Pain is natures way of saying something isn't right. Get it fixed by a professional or it may put you off running for good.

    And try also for running groups

    My club is on there so it's pretty good. Some running shops like Moti have groups. No one is one here to judge anyone. It's good that you want to run. Keep it up!



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