Not sure if it's the weather or the gym but I have lost my passion, my love for running outside and running long. Not so good being that I have a marathon to train for and so far this year i have not ran longer than 10 miles.

It started when the weather was all icy and too grim even for me to man up to and so I headed for my gym to run there. I decided that I would do interval sessions and speed work... After two weeks I can't be bothered running outside and even when I do, I get bored and fed up after 4 miles and really have to push myself to run a 10K. (even thou thanks to only a couple of weeks of speed work I'm finding that my pace has picked up loads)

I think I have lost the passion and love for long distances? Maybe even running. I have not had a race for over four months and have got a half coming up in two weeks which I hope will get me back on track but the thought of it is not even exciting me... More stressing me out on having to wake at 6 to drive to wales in time to pick up my race number etc)

Has anyone else gone through this, got any solutions or guidance on how I can get back on track. I work odd hours working in theatre so just can't join a running club as I would never be around for the runs. Not of my friends do running and those who do are a lot slower than me and can;t go the distance as they don't train for races just do it for exercise.

It's killing me inside that the very effort and thought of lacing up sends a chill down me.

Any advice or even some bullying comments that will make me man up will be greatly received.



  • it's something that most runners go through at different times and certainly the cold, miserable, wet, dark days of winter don't help to get the mojo going.

    my advice - find a nice day when you're not too stressed and just go for a run - no watch, no set distance in mind - just run nice and easily and see how you feel.  don't fret that you have a marathon to train for, just go with the flow.

    you'd be amazed how quickly the mojo comes back.

  • I identify completely with what you have said. I think for me it was the constant 'trying to get better' and not really enjoying the run that did it. That I gradually stopped running, And when the days of not-running turned to weeks and the guilt started to seep in, I was even more reluctant to get back. There was always something more important, more urgent to do and I simply didn't want to be bullied (by myself) into running. Until one day, I just felt like going for a stroll. Half a mile later, it had turned into a brisk walk which then became a gentle jog and before I knew it, I was enjoying myself picking up pace.

    My suggestion is, if you don't feel like running, then don't. If you have to skip your race, don't worry about it. There's plenty of stuff that we must do even though we don't always like doing it that if you choose to do something, then it must atleast be enjoyable. Good luck!

  • If you enjoy some aspects of running, but not others, then focus on the bits you enjoy. Or try new things that you think might like.

    Personally, I'm never doing another marathon, one was enough. I actually find this idea quite liberating. I've lost (or more likely, never really had) any passion for 20-mile training runs.

    I've also found running slowly can be fun. I paced my brother to a sub-2 hour half (my PB is 1:37) and I got a lot out of doing that. I've also decided that I'm through chasing PB's for the moment, possibly for good. It feels great not to be putting any pressure on myself.

    I'm also really enjoying parkruns, so I'd recommend that if running at 9am on a Saturday is possible. It's a timed run rather than a race, so it's a more relaxed form of running. Sometimes I run flat out, other times I take it easy depending how I feel.

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