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First post. I'm a fairly new runner training for a half marathon at the end of march (which is going quite well) but I get numbness in my feet around 4 miles for about a mile or so. I'm running in Nike running shoes that are about 7 months old now. My Mum has offered to buy me a new pair as I'm a skint student but she wants to spend about £30 - I've seen a few pairs in SportsDirect for about that price - is that the best place to get them from or should I look elsewhere?

Does anybody have any advice on shoes to buy? I have a normal foot I believe - but not sure about gait - is there a way to have an educated guess about that?

Thank you for any help you can offer image


  • Best advice is to go to a specialist running shop. It really is worth it. Tell them your budget, they might have a pair of last seasons style on sale but even get their advice and see what you can find online. I know decent running trainers can be expensive but it will be the best buy you make.... Good luck!
  • Totally agree. It's not worth budgeting on them - let the running shop staff know that you don't care about aesthetics or getting the latest style and that might bring down the price. Scrimp on your other clothes at this point - shoes are what matters. Birthday or anniversary coming up? You could ask for vouchers 

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