Running with a cold

Ok folks, we are not talking flu or anything drastic but a bunged up nose, sneezing and generally feeling a bit under the weather.

Had a run planned for the morning, not sure whether to try and push myelf through it, do it but take it easy or can it?

What do you reckon is the best option?



  • I've had a cold for about a week. Didn't run for four days then did a couple of easy runs. Did a tempo today and I feel knackered. Really taken it out of me, but I'm sure I'll be fine tomorrow.
  • If you just have a runny nose etc and do not feel too tired then OK. Any throat symptoms or chest symptoms then no. BUT bear in mind that a cold could be your bodies way of telling you to back off a bit. A few days off will do no harm; may even do some good! Get it wrong and you are gambling with getting a chest infection or having pneumonia.... these will wreck you for some time. A few days off does not seem so bad. My sympathies, but s**t happens image I have just had a few days off with a cold; the legs felt a bit heavy on todays run...

  • I have children and I work with sick children. If I didn't run with a cold, I wouldn't run all winter.
  • Thanks for the advice folks, I did run in the end. No throat or chest symptoms so thought I was entitled to risk it particularly as it is such a nice day (for winter anyway). Did 5 miles at about 30 seconds a mile sloewr than normal and it still took it out of me but glad I did it anyway.


  • I think the general advice in a recent RW edition was that if the symptoms are from your throat up you're ok to run, anything below then you should probably rest.

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