Max. BPM

I believe the max. bpm heart rate is 220 minus age, for myself as 65 years of age this works out 155 max bpm. Recently I've reached 160/170 bpm while using a treadmill going by my personal HRM and the treadmill heart rate monitor, both gave almost the same reading. Is this safe and maybe normal ? I've always believed that when training for the threshold rate bpm should be approx 85%, approx 125/130 for myself. I have been running for over 30 years so don't think of myself as a beginner by an means.


  • You believe wrong.

    You'd need to do a proper max test to determine yours. 220- age is only a very rough idea and can be very inaccurate.
  • Jeff, if your max is 160bpm then your 85% would be 136bpm.

    As cougie says do a max test , you'll know for sure then.

    As for threshold rate it might be a lot lower/higher than you think, but i would not guess it, try reading through the HADD thread lots of intresting info going on there.

  • I thought I had a heart rate of 220 - age, and a family conisisting of myself, a wife and 1.9 children.Turns out my max heart rate was a bit higher following a max heart rate test, and on a recount we had no kids. Dam statistics image
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