FR610 tracking skiing/snowboarding

Has anyone had any experience in using FR610 to track snow activities? I hear you should switch sport to cycle, bound to be better than fiddling with an iphone app (which I alway forget to stop when ettog on the lift) but I wonder, with its shaky waterproof status, how much snow it can take...


  • Shaky waterproof status?  First I've heard!  Anyway, I've not used the 610 skiing but I did use the 305 (on cycling mode) without any problems.  Not sure what sort of activities you're planning, but it stayed a lot drier under the sleeve of my skiing jacket than it would do running in the rain.  Should be fine, I would've thought.

  • The Forerunner 610's waterproof rating is IPX7 - which is waterproof to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes. Don't know why its such a low level when even a lot of cheap ones are waterproof to 50 metres.

    However it should still be fine for skiing and as Phil says its probably under your sleeve anyway. 

  • Cheers guys
  • you were right, it coped very well.

    I did much worse not remembering to pause after the ride image

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