Seeking Accommodation for Boston Marathon

HI all!

New poster here, so I hope I have done it correctly!

I just got cleared (knee injury) to run Boston, and have flights, however, I am now faced with the accommodation situation (not like Paris or Berlin, man, Boston gets booked out BIG time eg: 900 pounds + for 3 nights anywhere near downtown). So now I know to book even before you qualify! (Hotel 140 looks like an excellent deal if anyone is booking for 2014, almost opp finish).

If anyone is cancelling (not that I wish anyone ill) or relinquishing a double booking, I would love to know.

Also - travelling alone and from Australia if anyone feels like pasta or a run buddy! Aiming for sub 3hr 30.



  • Felicity - this may be a long shot now given the proximity of the race but have you tried

    It is a chain of upmarket B&B's worldwide - we have used them in the UK and I booked 6 nights in Boston  for £360 total. This was across the river, 3 miles north of the race finish area and not far from the international airport (east of the Harvard area if that makes sense).

    You get  a choice of rooms in private apartments or even whole apartments so somebody might just have a room to fill .....I'll email the place where we are staying and see if she has a vacancy as well.

  • Felicity - the lady who is giving us accomodation over the Boston w/e just texted me back: can you give exact travel/accomodation requirements and she will contact a friend of hers "down the road" ?

    No promises - but you may be lucky....

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