Customised Headsets

One of my FB contacts posted a picture of a customised headset and as I know we have a few kit whores amongst us I thought I would share the link

(Sorry, can't do proper link on iPad)

Edited to add - a photo is on Outlaw Tri's FB page





  • Go on then, how much for a PSOF one?image

  • image I feel a list coming on ...

  • I wasn't thinking of a mass PSOF order; I only raised it so others knew they were available.

    I thought people could order direct with whatever design they wanted. I assumed a group order would not be possible if people wanted forum names and/or bike names on there
  • Go on, you know you want to image

  • Just remember I can hand the gauntlet over....
  • i had to look at the link to find out what a headset was image

  • I'm liking the 'In Case of Emergency' idea - might not bother with a phone number, just put Holme Pierpont address on instead  image image

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    i had to look at the link to find out what a headset was image

    Me too Seren - I thought they were ipod headphones. I was about to say something controversial. image 

  • I also looked at the link to see what a headset is. Unfortunately I'm none the wiserimage

    Off to google headsets....

  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)
    Just remember I can hand the gauntlet over....

    *NR decides to quit while she's ahead, and quietly backs out of the room*

  • Damn they're expensive, I bought mine & several for mates from KustomCaps, even with international postage, half the price of that UK site.

  • If you go for the fully customisd one, theres only about a quid in it. Buy British and all!image

    Anyway, being a tart, I ordered one yesterday with some gentle words of encouragement etched in it to get me round Lanza. I was surpirsed when the guy phoned me up an hour later - initially I thought he was going to refuse some of my 'colourful' language! But no he said it looked fine, but would look better with a couple of small pictures - which I thought was nice of him to make the effort. So after a brief chat, I sent him the PSOF logo, which he's going to add to mine (for free).

    I'll post a photo if its any good and if any one is inerested. It also means he has the Pirate logo now. image 

  • image "Chin up, old chap" or something similar?

  • Now you have me interested rafimageimage

  • snigger - nice one Nursey image

  • Oh I'd be interested in the PSOF logo. And a good way to be able to Identify your bike if you ever had to. Photos please Rafiki when you have it !
  • Raf - good to hear he has the logo. I am gonna get a couple made so you have saved me the hassle of sorting that part out. Cheers, Mate.

    PS - I was thinking of you when I mentioned 'kit whores'. Just wonder when Gastank will be along image
  • I think Gas is practising for married life....he still working on getting a day pass for the Tri show!

  • I have taken the plunge and ordered one for me and one for someone else

  • Photo as requested. The Pirate logo has come out pretty good - I was surprise at the level of detail considering how small it is....image



  • Wowzers! The level of detail is impressive and it was the main sticking point for me as I believed the image would be too small.

    I am really looking forward to getting mine now. image
  • That photo isnt that good as you can only post 125k - so some detail has been lost. You can make out the actual teeth on the real thing!

  • Silly question, wonder if they can make the white into PSOF yellow?

    Finish would be nice one day....

  • Oh thats very nice- I'm gonna have to order. Just need to think of suitable wording.
  • DB - I don't think they can as the design is etched into the headset. The only option would be to paint it afterwards yourself.
  • Dusty, he does say on his website that the lettering will be white - but I'm sure Barley has some nail varish that colour. I'm sure if you ask nicely you can borrow some to colour in the white bits, as long as you promise not to go over the lines!

  • Cougie, how about "Sod the triathlon, it's the Mincing Trophy I want"?


  • image


    oh i want one......can't think what i want but i know i wantimage

  • nice on Raf, i like it image

  • love love love this but then I love love love buying stuffimage

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