Hey folks, 

So I've been reading through my March edition of RW and on pages 62-63 there are 5 gym exercised which apparently can help with various body chemistry issues, such as boosting testosterone for muscle building etc.


Anyway, I was about to attempt the Dumbbell Deadlift and deciding I should get my form correct before I get started and have found I cannot squat. As I lower myself making sure there is plenty of flexibility in my hips and trying to keep my back straight, I just cannot keep my heels on the ground. Not good.


I have a feeling this may be because I have tight hamstrings and calves, would this be a reasonable assumption? Baring in mind my osteopath has historically told me that I do tend to get very tight hamstrings and so should focus on these quite a bit.

What does everyone else think? Is this likely to be my main cause? I'm doing the whole solid not soft sole shoes and feet at roughly 40 degree angle pointing outwards. Until I figure this out i'm going to stay away from the actual lifting, the last thing I need right now is unneccessary injury. 




  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Look at the shoes on weight lifters.

    There's a thumping great heel wedge.

  • Can you touch your toes?

  • Yeah I can touch them, can feel a strain when doing so too but legs are straight

  • Hmmm.. This might be a flexibility issue. Try some calf stretches.

    I used to not be able to squat and had a freebie session with a PT. I identified that I was concerned about falling over so was tensing whilst squatting. My balance has now dramatically improved and can now deep squat but it took some time. Have you tried in front of a mirror? Also, try on your rest days. Pilates? 

  • I would recommend learning to squat using one of those big balance balls (if you can get one) - stand next to a wall - big ball between small of your back and the wall and then squat - rolling the ball down behind you - this will keep your back and weight back towards your heels in the correct position.  It will hopefully make it clear where your problem lies.


    My husband has v v tight hamstring and when he first tried to squat I fell about laughing (very supportive I  know ) at his terrible technique but he started with the balance ball and has gradually loosened up enough to do them free standing.  Give it a go - it may be more than just muscle tightness but also weight distribution or another element of your tecnique.

  • Thanks for the replies.


    Nope not tried infront of a mirror yet but will give that a go tomorrow and let you know how I get on. As for pilates, hadn't even considered it to be honest but maybe I should look into it.


    Re the balance ball, my main concern with that is storing the thing! image They're huge aren't they? Sounds like a good technique though, could possibly see if I can borrow one from a friend.


    I've also sent a message to a friend who's quite heavily into Crossfit and as that involves a lot of squats it might be another angle for me to gain some sound advice too.


  • I have seen people murdering squats - so trying not to assume anything about how you are doing them but in my experience it is 'how' you are doing them rather than tightness.  Most folks should be able have a decent go at it and as you can touch your toes  - you are not that stiff.


    Please excuse me if you already know all this but just in case:


    Keep an eye on your knees - you must ensure that they do not go forward of your toes.  If you can get hold of a ball, make sure your legs are far enough forward so that when your knees get to 90 degrees, they are still behind your feet - straight line down to your ankles.  It's one thing not have flexible enough calves to get all the way into a deep squat but you should be able to get to the 90 degree position. Imagine you are sitting back onto a chair  - weight into your heels.  While your back should not be bending - you should be bending forward  from the waist a little as you push your bum back and down.  (oh god this is hard to describe..)


    oh just come here a minute and I will sort you out image

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