Shin splint only in left leg?

Hey, so I have been running for a few years now and completed half marathons, before Christmas I began to get shin splints especially in my left leg. I rested for a month and got some new trainers but after building up slowly the shin splints have returned only in my left leg.

I have a marathon in a couple of months so I am reluctant to rest again, I have tried icing the area, stretching and got some compression leggings but nothing seems to work. The only thing that I can do is run through it and it does go after around 10k however this has started to hurt my ankle and knee.

Has anyone had this problem before or know of any way I can get rid of it ??  


  • i have been having the exact same problem, in my left leg only. i have been running around 18 months, have done half marathon  distance and more several times, but not in competition. I am planning on doing the brighton marathon in april, but I havent been able to run for nearly two weeks now.  I am still doin lots of cross training, and I cycle everywhere because i have no car, im not sure if this is helping or hindering my recovery. Im planning on seeing the physiotherapist on tuesday, see what she says.. ill let you know. might just have to run through it?? its really frustrating eh, especially when you want to be running lots in preparation for an event

  • I get on and off shin pain just in my right leg. Bad enough in the past it's stopped me from running for 8 weeks but pretty much under control at the moment. Exercises that are supposed to help are toe tapping and eccentric calf loading - you can prob find both on youtube. I never noticed much difference doing them but then again my shin IS better than it was last year so I guess they probably did help.

    I also go for regular sports massages - every 4-6 weeks - and just having everything in my lower legs eased off seems to make a difference. Tight calves don't help. But really I think the thing that's helped the most has been using a foam roller - for a while there I was using it before every run I did, and also rolling my calves on a tennis ball to target the tight bits even better.

    If you haven't had proper gait analysis done yet, go get that checked out. I had to change my shoes for a while - was advised to ditch my favourite brand of trainers for ones with a slightly stiffer sole and heel cup. I didn't like the feel of them on my feet but they definitely helped my shin. I'm still wearing them for most runs but gradually easing back into my old favourites as they're comfier on my feet.

    Basically there's no one thing you can do that's guaranteed to help but there are loads of small things that can all add up to give you an improvement...

  • been to the physio, shes taped up my feet. apparently as the pain is concentrated in the inside of my legs, it is because my foot- arch isnt being supported properly. might need some orthotics for me shoes. did a little 3- mile run on sunday,the pain wasnt as bad as it has been butit was still there

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