Help.... Newbie back to run

Hi wonderful people. I'm new to forum so apologies if I get the thread wrong in any way! Is there anyone out there who has been a keen runner and who loved to run and through circumstances or events developed a hate of running? That's what happened to me for the last 4ish years and although from time to time I put on the runners and attempt a jog, I've not found the luv yet. Prior to this I ran lots and luvvved it lots, in all distances 5k to marathons, cross country a fav too. So today I popped on the runners and out I went for a wee jog..... I hope to go again and will read some of the treads on forum to get motivated, it's wonderful to read how you all enjoy running and I'd like to join your party ;o)))


  • Hey Smileys, welcome! Interesting one. I think the love or hate depends on your approach, not just your experience on the road - e.g. if it's gone from a stress relieving past-time to an item on your to-do list, if you're getting frustrated with not being faster every time or if it's simply boring. I wouldn't say that I love running, but what I do love is how I feel on my rest days (healthier and happier).

    Interested to hear about your 'circumstances or events', if you're open to saying what they were (e.g injury?)

    A friend once said 'you run your runs the way you run your life'. 

  • Hi Helen, thank you for the welcome ;o))) also lovely to have received a comment so quick. Running did used to be a stress reliever and although times or distance is not important anymore I'd like to feel the joy of it, either While doing or day after as you say. A couple of events changed how I think about running, death of my mum and loss of running friend. Combined with busy work and home life it all gets complicated and its easier to sit in the couch. But I'm determined to get out and do it. Will try not eat elephant in one go and take baby steps to get started ;o)
  • It's all about the baby steps. Sorry to hear about your losses. It sounds like you are back on track and ready to get out there! Don't forget to have fun (says the woman who is already dreading tomorrow's 13-miler!!! haha!!!)

  • Will do...... Wow 13miles.... Have a big dinner and a glass as reward for your efforts. My plan is 4 mile max tomorrow (dinner and glass tonight) wrong order but fun. Enjoy your run ;o). Cheers
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