Wrap Up And Run Sheffield 10K

New event but I guess it'll be the usual two lap course and so hilly but with more mud than for the Summer events!


  • Always a great run, Graves park
  • I'm a bit confused about the hill apspect! My friend, who is from Sheffield, has told me it will be hilly. However, in the event info it says the course is flat... 

  • Emma - I live about 400m from the park and it is a very hilly area. I guess it'll be the same course that has been used for other races there and so there will be a fair amount of climbing but nothing too steep. Not a quick course though but scenic.
  • Hey -

    Great to see you're all excited about this event! image

    So, to resolve the flat/hilly question, it's Sheffield-flat, i.e. pretty HILLY! Beautiful course, loads of runners, lots of elites and loads of FUN!

    Have a great day on Sunday!

  • Enter on day ok? And is there any of the course on the grass? How many entered so far?

  • Hi ET - Enter on the day is fine,

  • Hi ET - Enter on the day is fine, less than 100m on grass, 800 registered so far, more on the day... Have a good one!

  • Thanks for clarifying the hill issue! I live in Manchester so anything in comparsion will be hilly. Looking forward to it. 

  • How did you all find this race-very well orginised I thought and a nice course- although hard to pace as quite hilly.

    My garmin was playing up (i think) it recorded a distance of 6.09 miles quite short-when I looked at the route mapping it seems to have missed a section of the course.

    I am hoping the course was a true 10k as I was pleased with my time and dont want to think it could be 40 secs short- Any one have a gps measure closer to the 10k mark?

  • I liked it but it was tough. Garmins are rarely properly accurate. Trees and weather! Best walk the course with a measuring wheel thing to check it. It`s never a PB course so just take the time you were given. I reckon it was about right.

    I think they got lucky with the weather; if it hadn`t frozen all that `less than a 100m on grass` would`ve been a `mare!

    Any pics anywhere?

  • Overall a really well organised race and a great location.  Events team very enthusiastic and helpful.  Word of advice to the Events Team - and to anyone looking to do this next year - it is very hilly - the first hill is short but brutal!! - don't describe this as "flat".  I struggled to get any rythm in my running and ended up way outside my best road time.  Also, as mentioned above - it's a bit more than 100m on grass!.  It's not a pb course by any stretch - add at least a couple of minutes on to your road time and use it as a hard training run.  Running Eye - I also got 6.09 mile on my Garmin.

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