UTMB 2013

Hi all

Got a place in the 2013 UTMB (guaranteed from last year).

Many others got a place and running?

First year out there, have done the Lakeland 100 before so have a general idea what I am in for but was looking for some general kit tips from the more experienced and any general tips re: travel and accommodation.

Then more specifically I was wondering which waterproof gloves to go for and what type of top layer I should go for to cover off on the 180g mandatory kit requirement?




  • Gav there's already a fairly comprehensive thread further along the forum, if there's anything unanswered there feel free to come back and ask again
  • Sorry thought I had done a search will check again.


  • Couldn't find this in the UTMB thread, so apologies if this has already been answered!

    But re: travel :-

    1) If I arrive Wed evening will that give me enough time to acclimatise given that the race starts Friday evening


    2) If I fly back Monday evening late and return to work on Tuesday will that give me enough time to recover? Working on the worst case scenario that I could end up taking the full 46 hours?

    Trying to work out how much time I will need to take off work and it is looking unlikely that I can get the Wed before or the following Tuesday off work!



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