Hip twanging

Out on a gentle 3 mile run this am I felt what I thought was my underwear elastic catching. I then figured out to my horror that it was a muscle running over the front of my right hip- just down from where my pelvis jutts out. It wasn't that sore but the sensation wasn't healthy. It seemed to happen at the point that my foot was swinging backwards behind my body. The ground was flat. It subsided and the final hill before home didn't have any ill effect. Its now a bit uncomfortable having rested for a couple for hours.

I'd had my first pilates class 3 days ago which went okay and highlighted what I knew that my right hip was weaker than the left and thought that pilates was a sensible option. I've also been swimming 3 times a week for over a month now. Yesterday I went swimming to help the ab and back soreness from the pilates and was trying to kick more from the hips than the knee. Todays run was the first in a month due to bad weather/ bad brain. But it was at a sensible pace and my leg muscles are feeling good and strong from gym work .

I'd go straight to a physio but can't afford as I'm on ESA for madness. I'll obviously tell the pilates instructor about it  but should I just carry on with the swimming and light jogging to build up the hip muscles, rest completely or somewhere in the middle?


  • Hi thinks too much, i have had a similar sensation in the past in my hip. After consulting a couple of physios, we were fairly sure that it was caused by tight IT bands in my legs.  Best way to ease it is to stretch, stretch and stretch some more and also use a roller device, there are several you could use, I brought something called 'the stick' a year or two ago which is fantastic, but you could easily use a rolling pin!

  • It does sound like the IT band. I get it at the hip and/or the knee. Stretching will help, and for the long term some strengthening of TFL/glutes is often the recommended. Try and get an opinion off the pilates instructor. My pilates instructor is also a physio - unfortunately she is not keen on free consultations!
  • Brilliant! I'd completely discounted my IT band as the only issue I ever had with it was when I first started running and it was at and just above my knee height- I always thought that was its limit. Silly me. 

    I'm looking to get a foam roller soon as people do seem to like them and I'll see if my pilates instructor can help image


    Thanks andrew and Also-ran

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