First Ultra and looking to the running community for some advise

Hi Guys

I am looking to run my first ultra (100k) and really keen to find out from the running community what changes I need to make to my training to aid the progression from marathon to ultra. I am a 4hr marathon runner with three Marathons under my belt and run about 40/45 miles a week in the lead up to a marathon include one hill session, one temp run, one long run and 3 recovery runs. Is there any specific changes I will need to make in the build-up to an ultra? Also for a newbie to ultra's is it realistic to run one ultra in the spring and a second in the autumn?  



  • Run farther. Yes.
  • yayyyy , Lirish, we have another one of these questions!!

  • Fat.john.barnes wrote (see)

     Also for a newbie to ultra's is it realistic to run one ultra in the spring and a second in the autumn?  

    J.f.b.......hunny, you run whatever you want!! no rules....

  • Im sure i saw a couple of threads like this.   What do you think Li?


  • Not sure, lemme do a quick search and see if I can find any
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  • and if you run an average pace of 11m/m then the course is rated green.....

  • but lets be sensible lads...have a look at the post...going from a marathon to 100k?....

  • On a serious note I'd need to know quite a bit more about the ultra he was planning on, when it was, what terrain, climb etc, where he trains now, why he trains six days a week, how long he's been running, how fat he is etc etc
  • imagegood ol you  Lirish.

    shall i tell you why i train erm, 1 day a week if im lucky, where i run and how fat i am too?

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  • golly we are SO helpful on here . we should be jolly proud of ourselvesimage

  • Now, people, be nice!

    John, to answer your question... The major change is running longer long runs and back-to-back long runs. And learning that it's okay to walk sometimes (e.g. on the uphills).

    You might find it useful to look at the schedule set out at

    Also, Bryon Powell's book "Relentless Forward Progress" gives suggested schedules for 100k training, reaching either about 50 miles/week or about 70 miles/week.

    Match your runs, particularly your long runs, if possible, to the terrain you'll be tackling in the race.

    Learn to eat real food while running, not just gels.

    And enjoy it!

  • 60 miles plus is a big jump. From a limited number of marathons why not try a 35 ish miler first and learn some potentially tough lessons over a 100k race less painfully ?

    Enter some trail events, LDWA and build up.
  • David Falconer 3 wrote 

    Loulabell went from running one HM straight to an ultra apparently.

    when did i say tha exactly thent? not me mate.

  • For training, keep doing what you are doing but probably drop one of the recovery runs and build that into a 2nd long run to create some back to back runs.

    Example week :
    Recovery run - Hill session - recovery run - tempo session - long run - 2nd long run.

    Build that up as you would do for any other distance training. Don't neglect the faster sessions to just run junk miles. Make it specific to the race, if its a flat road race then I would swap the hills for the track. If its a hilly trail race get as many sessions as you can on the trail.


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  • Thanks for the help guys

  • No one needs to do anything on behalf of me. 

  • Fat JB.   I will be serious.   Been lots of threads on the same thing and people get annoyed with the same questions over and over.


    BUT their are no rules about how you move up through the distances.  Only you know you fitness and how your legs will take it.   Personally i went 13.1, 26.2, 35 and then 50.   This year I will do 100km and 100 miles.

    The most important part of the ultra training are the back to back runs and hill training which I try and do together.   Speed is not a major issue, just makes you quicker like WIB.

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