Family Life and Training

Hi all and thanks for looking.

I am after a little help trying to put a training plan together as I have to work around childcare and commitments.

I have a place in GNR and am looking to train for this with a couple of 10k races for fun during the summer. I started running last year Love it. Pushed too hard and had very painful shin splints.

Taken it steady this year and am happy running 4 miles at 10min/miles and feeling fine. I am really after some help with a training diary as at the minute I am committed to Circuit Training Tuesday Nights and Saturday Morning but would love to fit 3 training runs in around this.


Any help appreciated. Have a Garmin 405CX and loads of enthusiasim. !


Thanks all !


  • How about early mornings before work? So long as there is someone else in the house while the kids are still sleeping...Or lunchtimes if that will fit in with your work

  • Everybody is different, and I have often found that Plan A gets scratched by Life and Circumstance. I note that you are in your first year or so, and would simply recommend that you go out there and enjoy doing a bit. Focus on building up your weekly mileage tally, with a single long run once a week.

    If GNR is your target, then you are clearly NOT after a stormingly fast age-graded podium place. Enjoy the atmosphere, practice running slowly, and preferably practice being in close proximity to other runners. Just build up the endurance to be able to do 13 miles in your sleep. A weekly mileage of 30 or so should be enough. Some programmes and plans are just too complex for beginners. I only have a training RECORD, and it doesn't really reflect anybody else's PLAN.

    Here's some sneaky training slots:
    -before the family gets up at the weekend.
    -when Child A is at Guides/swimming/dancing/football. Taxi them whilst wearing your kit.
    -any sneaky early finish from work - always have a set of kit in the car boot
    -late night after tea. It won't be fast, but it's still miles bagged. You won't die, I promise.
    -get young child to cycle whilst you jog along. (that's a hard session: you'll see)
    -prioritise your day so that you defer some essential household jobs to times when training is impractical.

  • If you can then run to or from work (or even part of the way to/from). It's a great way to get the miles in without affecting your family life.
  • I am used to late runs...Most of my runs start around 21:00 once everthing calmed down at home. definitly not a morning person but love being out in the evening. at the minute I am not bothered about pace but just love watching the miles clock up. It always amazes me how far you can actually get when viewing the route on Garmin Connect or Google maps etc.

    Any advice on how to fit 3 runs around 2 nights circuit with enough rest would be more then welcome.


    Looking forward to getting more active in the forums and thanks for all the replies so far !

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