New shoes same cleat position?

Hi there,
For Christmas I got some lovely bontrager rxxxl road's. Seeing that the weather has been so nasty recently I have not dared take them out but we have finally had a nice few days and it looks set to last the week so I must try them out. However, how do I get the same cleat position on these as I have with my old (now for bad weather use) shoes? the position on the others is ok and I haven't really had any problems although I'm sure a pro would correct them! Is my best bet just setting them straight (with float) and with the ball of the food over the pedal axle?
Many Thanks!


  • "theoretically" the cleat positions on the sole should be in the same positions irrespective of brand and style so I would go with positioning as you have already had them on the new shoes.  if you're not quite comfy with that do a bit of fettling when you've had a few rides.

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