Dirty trainers.....

Apologies for the domestic nature of this... BUT

I've just been out for a fab 10K through the Dorset lanes - sadly my new Asics trainers are now caked in mud. Its all over the tops of both, in the netting stuff. 

Can I stick 'em in the washing machine....?! Or will this shrink them to within an inch of their lives??


  • Manufacturers don't recommend machine washing running shoes. If the dirt really offends you rinse under a runnung tap, scrub with a cloth /brush. My approach is to dry them out, run through more mud, and repeat

  • Not recommended to use the washing machine but I quite often put mine through the wash. Just don't use a high temperature.
  • I've previously used a bit of water and washing up liquid on mine. Scrubbed in the garden with an old vegetable scrubber! Works very well image
  • it's never done mine any harm. I usually soak them in a bucket of water first to get some of the worst of it off. I don't do it very often, though, and not usually to brand new expensive shoes.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Putting shoes in the machine ruins them.

    Can be cleaned well enough with a scrubbing brush under a running tap.  Squeeze them out and after three or four changes of newspaper they're ready to go again. If you remember to change the newspaper regularly they can be dry in 24 hours at room temperature.

    I always clean my shoes the very first thing I do when I come in. The longer you leave it the less you feel like doing it.  Also the quicker you do the job the less likely the shoes will honk.

  • I've almost finished cleaning my very muddy XC spikes at the end of the season. Need to get them sparkly and new for track.

    Washing up bowl, liquid and hot water combined with a bit of elbow grease does the trick...
  • I never put my running shoes in the washing machine but do put my boys' football trainers in occasionally. If you do a cool wash and put them in a pillow case first the damage is suppoed to be minimal. Never done any damage yet though. image

  • Put them in the machine, low temp, no detergent. Easier and more thorough than hand washing and no damage

  • Mud is ankle deep round our way at the moment.

    I haven't cleaned my shoes once.

  • Dirty trainers are a badge of honour RfC image

  • If having muddy, stinky trainers is your thing of course image

  • Dirty trainers are hardcore image mine have been caked in mud and submerged in heavy floods etc I never clean them and just leave them propped up to dry out image

    Never put them in a washing machine, it destroys all the padding you bought them for in the first place image

  • I used to work for a sportswear company and they always said 'never put trainers in the washing machine' - apparently this is because it dissolves the glue that holds the shoes together and totally ruins them.  We used to get loads of shoes returned to us that were falling apart because they'd been machine washed.


  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭
    Beth -- Surely it must be partly dependent on the temperature of the wash?
  • and the detergent that no doubt some people would also put in taxi driver......

    why pay a fortune for trainers that they all say do not put in the machine to then ignore it and put them in the machine........they have so many different materials in them now.....why risk the quality of the protection and cushioning  just so that they can look cleaner..........


  • Having looked at 3 of my pairs of trainers there isn't any washing info on them at all so if they really aren't supposed to be put in a washing machine then maybe they should put it somewhere on the trainers or box.

  • bucket and sponge/soft brush does the trick!!

    mind you i always just leave mine until the next week then just bang off the dirt (job doneimage)

  • Surely a very cool wash isn't going to be any hotter than the shoes get while running in hot weather anyway (30 degrees ish), and getting wet isn't a problem in itself (as they're meant to), I can see high spin speeds might be a problem.

    I washed my trail shoes in the washing machine recently and they seem fine, but I won't risk my road shoes as they're just too beautiful!

  • Thanks guys, I used a brush and a running tap - they're no longer white, but now you can tell they once were white!! Dont think my spin class at the gym would like me too much if I dropped a trail of mud from the door to the bike and back again... Frustatingly I'd caked my indoor AND ourdoor trainers in mud..

  • oops!

    I stand in a deep pudle at the end of the run, or before the next run just knock them together so the mud drops off.

    Having clean trainers is like having a sparkling 4x4, you just look like you don't know what they're supposed to be used for.

  • Pudle? New type of dog?
  • No that would be puudle. A pudle is like a small cake.

  • roebyroeby ✭✭✭

    Guys please don,t put your trainers in the washing machine , the motion of the wash/drum twists the trainer , it ruins the gels in the sole and glue/fabrics..........weakens the whole system of the shoe............I leave my trail shoes to dry then bang off the mud  and use a dry brush, comes off real easy.If it really bothers you get another set of running shoes that you can keep to use when its dry and use the muddier ones just for wet mud conditions...

  • hose them down, they will be fine.  Only gym bunnies run in consistently clean trainers.  Real runners run in trainers that assist in the forward motion process... they are alive.

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