Brighton Half 2013, now its over. What was people's feelings about it?

This is my third time that i have run the race, and i got a PB of 1.33.36 on my Garmin, but slightly higher according to my chip. Well it was only slightly out this year, so no complaints.

There did seem to be a lot more people this year or was it my imagination? I just felt like a sardine in the pen, and i didnt have proper time to stretch out, since it took me ages to get to the baggage area due to all the people. Also, i found a lot of people were in the wrong pens when i started the race, meaning when i started, for the first few miles i couldnt run the pace i wanted too, since i was trying to weave between the gaps. As a result, i over compensated, trying to catch myself up at about mile 4, meaning i was using up some of my reserves quickly. By mile 7 i was finding it hard going, and when i saw a couple of people drop out, the temptation to do the same was overwhelming, but some how i kept myself going.

Well I crossed the finishing line, and even though i was quicker than last year, i was not very happy with my running. My girlfriend couldnt understand it, but you have to be a runner to understand the mentality. A f**ked up one i know.

Overall it was a good race, plenty of good support, and i will be back next year. I will get nearer the front though. 


  • I was delighted with it.

    I've only been running for 9 months and have been struggling with an injury since November. It was first half and I made it around in 02:08:11.  A PB as I've never done one before! image

    It was very busy mind....A lot of concentration required at times to not run into the back of people etc.

  • First time for me today, overall I enjoyed it. Got a pb myself of 1.48 so I was happy with that. As with all mass starts its a bit of a bun fight but with a bit of weaving found my space to run a fairly even pace over the course. My only comment would be on the "packets" of water. I just could not get into the thing!! Now I know it's was probably user error but I did find it annoying. Congrats on the pb !! Would like to think I will do it next year.
  • This is the 3rd year in a row I've done this and thought it was the best organised yet. The organisers have obviously worked really hard to iron out the problems from previous years. I thought the water pouches were great too. I've never seen those before. Weather was fantastic and happy with my PB of 1:34:21 (second time I've got a PB on this course). It is nice and flat.

  • My second half and first time at brighton. Was a bit grumpy at first as took ages to get to the baggage area so was freaking that I was going the wrong way but after that I thought it was great. Was really easy to get kit back and escape afterwards, lovely scenic course (a bit straight for my liking though but nice and flat) and really lovely support. 

    The weather was crazy - I remember that yellow ball in the sky and I actually have a slight sunburn. Cider on the beach in the sunshine afterwards was gorgeous.

    Well done all. I'd def recommend it to others.  

  • This is my 3rd time to and seemed to be the best organised. There was however no policing of the starting pens and you could go where you wanted to. Also some of the lanes were narrower this year and at some points there was a lot of crowding. The weather was perfect though.

  • Another happy Brighton runner... My first HM and so got a PB, 1:35:22 which was pleased with. Was a bit worried about organisation having read last year's reviews but all seemed to run quite smoothly. Given the field is huge, around 10,000 runners I think, I thought the race organisers did a good job. Didn't get on with the water pouches but don't tend to drink much anyway so not a big problem for me. Would definitely run it again. And didnt Brighton look beautiful in full sun?
  • Fantastic race, great support and how amazing was the weather image  I thought it was really well organised (I do live local though so didn't have to bother with baggage/toilets so can't comment on that) but thought it ran seemlessly this year. I also though the course had been widened in a lot of places compared to last year and felt it was less congested....that might have been due to my start pen though...?

    PBs for both me (1:42:42) and husband (1:29:13) so great day all round image

  • First Half mara at a time of 1:59:45...ran the same distance last week in 2:08 so to say im chuffed is an understatement!

    Had a great day, the atmosphere was great and it was organised well. No problems with baggage, portaloos etc. I did the park and ride which was brilliantly organised too.

    My only negative was the water pouches, I believe they're environmentaly friendly but that aside not a fan myself. Plus i like to carry with me a High5 tablet which i pop in which i obviously couldnt do

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