triathlon/dualathon for teen beginner

hi, I am considering entering a triathlon or a dualthlon this year. 

However I am unsure which to enter and what specific meet also.

I am a full time enduranceish runner and being 13 i have run sub 40min 10k 18min 5k a 4:30 1500m and a 2:14 800m ( 3rd at nationals)

I got a road bike for christmas and I have only managed to use it once due to weather  however I went out with my dad and it really wasnt hard to cover a hilly 15miles in 1hour

finally, my swimming isnt so great. I havent ever had a timed swim or anything but I confident just not fast haha

So i was wondering what your opinions are on the dualthlon and triathlon?


  • Hello and welcome to the forums.

    Unfortunately, you will find that you are restricted on the distances you can compete under due to your age. You will only be able to do 100m swim, 3k bike, and 1.5k run. You may not be able to ride or run on the road ie you may have to use hybrid or mountain bike and run on grass.

    Does your local Tri club have a Junior section? if so, they may be a good place to start for swim training. And also consider local cycle club if they have a junior section.

    That said, there is nothing to stop you creating your own home made du/tri if you want to try longer distances.
  • Why not find a local cycling club with a decent youth section and see what they offer -  your cycling would really come on a lot and there is plenty of youth racing these days - a 30 minute bunch start road race has to be more exciting than the 100m swim, 3k bike, 1.5k run - that sounds more suitable for 8 year olds than 13.  

  • If you're within reach of Dorney Lake (near Windsor), then Human Race do a youth event. details here

  • Where are you ? Maybe we can point you in the right direction
  • 400m Swim, 10km Bike, 2.5km Run is the distances for 13 year old on that link...still not as much as you would like........ a cycling club would be a great start


     check out the british triathlon website

  • RMcl - as others have said, you will be restricted by your age as to what tri/du race distances you can do.   you won't be able to step up to sprint or standard distances until you're a few years older.  it's all about ensuring you develop the right skills at the right time and to help during your rapid growth phase as a teenager

    your best bet would be to join a local tri club that has a junior section as that will help develop your skills and also many clubs run their own races for youngsters.  you're clearly a talented runner but you need someone with experience of coaching youngsters with the other disciplines and to help you achieve whatever ambitions you have.

    most of the top elites - the Brownlees for instance - and the emerging group of juniors/youths have come up through the ranks and by getting decent coaching at a young age.  you should follow their example

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