Bike triathlon shoes

to getting your foot into the shoe while attached to the peddle?

I've just bought my first pair with Look cleats and I find it difficult (without falling off) to get my foot into the shoe while it's on the peddle.

Also, I find it difficult to put the shoe on and them clip into the peddle-my foot slides all over the shop!

What am I doing wrong?

Oh, ALSO, the shoes I bought are SIDI T1 shoes and have a little heal stopper, but not one at the front and I find that when I put my foot down to get off the bike I'm sort of on tip toe and with no grip there, well the rest is history!! I can't put my foot flat as my leg won't reach, but if I lower the seat I don't get the full extension of my leg when peddling-HELP!


  • my tip is dont bother... unless you're elite.. in which case ask your coach ;)

    from what i hear have your pedals at 6 & 9 o'clock positions.... and fix the shoes horizontal with something breakable... sellotape? or i've heard of using elastic bands from the heel tabs to the rear QR..
  • I put my shoes on first.

    One amusing story - I watched a top UK age grouper (mentioning no names !!)
    Try to get his feet into his shoes after a lightning fast transition, only to realise that he'd put his left shoe on the right pedal and vice versa.
    He had to stop and sheepishly re-arrange things!

  • shoes on first is best and stops you treading on anything nasty. just be careful not to slip
  • I find that clipping in with Looks is easier if I don't look at the pedal.

    Getting off the bike you need to slide off your saddle - you should have standover height on the seat tube with both feet flat on the ground.

    I'd have thought to get your foot into the shoe on the pedal you'd need to be quite selective in what shoes you buy.
  • Thanks, I'll try practising with putting the shoes on first then clipping them in. I do have standover height on the seat tube, but silly me was still sat on the seat when I unclipped and put my foot on the ground!

    Oh, well back to trying tomorrow!

    It's not as easy as I thought it would be!

  • Hilly - you need to get the front of the clip into the pedal, master that and just click the back in. Takes a bit of practice.
  • Thanks cougie, I'll keep trying then and hopefully master it before next seasons triathlons!
  • I find it best and safest to run with the bike to the start of the bike, hop on it, and clip one foot in. Then push off with the other and get that foot i as you start off.

    Running and jumping onto a moving bike might seem the fastest way to start off, but you'll usually wobble into the barriers or just fall off !

    Good luck !
  • I use SPD cleats and never have a problem clipping them onto my pedals.
  • I can just see me sprawled on the floor at my next tri!

    What's the difference between SPD and Look?
  • Look plate is much bigger than the SPD plate.
    The SPD plate is also recessed more into the shoe.

    As the SPD pedal is usually smaller than the Look though, you need a very stiff shoe to spread the load more, or it gets uncomfortable. I think that's better with the latest shoes though. I'm sure Ironwolf can vouch for that.
  • I use SPD's too (cross over from my mtb stuff)...
    and to be honest, if you get stiff shoes, you don't feel the supposed pressure point from having such a small pedal.

    I also think mtb pedals have more 'float' attached with them than roadie ones...
  • I know when Shimano released their top of the range SPD pedal for the road that the pros couldn't ride with it, as they could 'feel' the small pedal under their feet, so Shimano fixed that with really stiff shoes.

    I'm using Time ATAC on my winter bike - that was good for MTBing too - never clogged up. My SPD's always did. :-(
  • I always thought stiff shoes were also better at transfering all leg power to pedal stroke, not getting absorbed by say a running shoe or padding in the shoe

    and yet atac's have a good reputation, for non clogging and float...

    I always thought they were a bit slippy for riding around on not clipped in, but thats more specific to mtb really when you want to dab some of time!

    I find a decent thwack of foot on chainstay before clipping in gets rid of most gunk.. Although I have missed chainstay a few times and foot in rear wheel damages you and spokes!!!!
  • Yeah - they are designed for that, but it's a balance between comfort and energy transmission.

    Oh I like the sound of putting your foot in the back wheel ! Painful, and spectacular at the same time !
  • It does hurt.. Don't try this at home kids!!

    (mind you, its also where stiff shoes give you a bit more protection from the spokes as well!!!)
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