Pay day!



  • Ooops.

    First I get it in the neck for not reading e-mails properly.

    Expect I'll get an ear-bashing for not reading threads now.

  • Snail, has your boyfriend discovered the double set of kit yet? Or has it all been safely stashed at the back of the wardrobe?
  • double, Hilde?!

    If only!!!

    I took 3 complete sets out of the washing machine today, which is just from yesterday's and today's runs. Then realised I still had Friday morning's lot stashed in a bag, so that's been through the machine too, and I have another 2 lots in the drawer. Then there's the summer kit... and the gym kit... not to mention the big box full of rowing kit...

    Had a laugh the other day, though, when I was sorting through my old gym/rowing kit, wondering whether any of it was still wearable - realised I actually own sportswear in 5 different dress sizes... now, I know a lot of women (including me!) have a 'thin' wardrobe and a 'fat' wardrobe, in 2 different sizes, but this is ridiculous...

    thought it might be tempting providence to throw out the larger stuff though!

    as for chimp - Ear <----- bash bash bash
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