London marathon-chest infection

Hi Training up to 16 mile before holiday 3 weeks ago. Was Doing 40 mile per week. Come back and did 30 mile last week and now developed a chest infection . How long will it take me to get back to 16 mile distance. Is 9 weeks long enough to train if I can shrug it off quickly?


  • Hiya, I've just recovered from a chest infection which turned into pneumonia - so no running for 16 days (was really quite ill)

    I'm also marathon training, my longest run before I got ill was 16.5 miles and was running the same weekly mileage as you.

    After the all clear from my gp I did my first run Monday 6 miles which felt good so went out yesterday and did my LSR and managed 15 miles, I actually could have gone further but didn't want to push it. Amazingly I felt great, no lack of fitness or stamina, breathing all good!

    So please don't worry,( I was panicking big time about not running) rest up and get better you will be surprised how quickly you can bounce back.

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