Increasing mileage


I was wondering if anyone can share their experiences when increasing mileague, I am doing this at sensible amounts (up to 10% a week) but whenever I hit the last couple of miles over the course of the week aches and pain start to kick in.

The main thing for me is my arches, occassional the knees, sometimes the ankles, you sort of get the picture.

Is it really just a case of it being something that happens as you increase distance?  The good thing is that I am increasing the mileage and everytime I am getter further before the aches kick in. 

Like I say it is not something that is major because once I stop I am fine, and in day or so I am good to run again and have been doing so fine but really looking to find out if others experience this. No pain no gain?



  • i would say it was consistant with increasing mileage every week, but dont forget to have a recovery week roughly one in four. if seen as a graph your mileage chart should look like a wave but each trough and peak going up slightly each month (cant explain any better then that, sorry!)
    eg. week 1 - 10 miles, week 2 - 12 miles, week 3 - 14 miles, week 4 - 11 miles
          week 5 - 12 miles, week 6 - 14 miles, week 7 - 16 miles, week 8 - 13 miles
    Not saying these are the amounts or percentages, just an illustration so you can see what i mean!
    I am sure someone will be along in a minute to explain it in just a short sentence, but i just cant seem to! image

  • That is really helpful thank you. I have just completed a 24 mile week, I am looking at about 26 this week.

    It is reassuring to know that the aches are constent, I guess it is just conditioning. Worth noting that today legs, feet and knees general feel fine. Feet a little tender but nothing of major noteworthyness.


  • i also thionk that part of the aches are psychological in my case.......the last couple of miles you know that you are only a mile or two away and i feel the aches and pains.....

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