Training for marathons


Can someone advise how many weeks I need to train for a marathon as I'm thinking of doing one in May but not sure if it will leave me enough time to be ready. My half marathon pb is 1:41:21 and I've done 4 halfs to date with my longest training run being 18miles.


  • Beginning or end of May? It'll give you 10-13 weeks of training, which should be OK, especially if you're already doing some running.


    Don't expect to set the world on fire with times though.

  • What does weekly running schedule look like?
    What is your current long run distance and your av. weekly mileage.
    How long ago did you do your last 18 mile run?
    When was your last hm race, what did your training look like for this.

    Just random, but if you ran your last hm a week or two weeks ago after following a plan that took you up to 18 miles, then you are in a very good position to start marathon training. If however your last hm was 4 months ago and you've done very little between then and now then you are in a much weaker position and may struggle with the distance.

    Whatever, there is no reason why you should not be able to train for your chosen marathon and be able to complete it.




  • I agree with statt0 you are already running and an 18 miler is great so you might have enough time,depends on marathon date and whether your thinking of time, I followed a 16 week plan for my 1st marathon and was fine, long runs are vital. Physically marathons are crazy, they do strange things to you mentally as well, look at some plans for your amount of weeks and get organised , you will be fine , best of luck !!
  • No reason why you can't train enough to get round in reasonable time and without injury. Don't expect or attempt to set a fast time based on running calculator predictions using your 1:41 half marathon PB though. Save that for when you can plan further ahead and follow a full 16+ week training plan...

  • Thanks to everyone for their advice I have managed to find a marathon which will give me 18-20 weeks training so that will help all round. Any tips for my 1st marathon. Cheers again for all your help

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