I was wondering what peoples opinions are of health shakes and indeed if they are recommended, which ones would you chose.

I am training for a 10k in May and doing quite well now and seem to be getting over initial aches and injuries.

Additionally i am trying to lose another stone and half in weight.

Should i be considering shakes before runs or after runs, or as meals etc and if so what should i be drinking or should i simply avoid shakes altogether.

Advice please as i know absolutely nothing on this subject.


  • You'd just be taking on extra calories. I'd not bother with them.
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    I agree with Cougie, no need for them.

  • cheers folks, seems conclusive.


  • Agreed.  I only use them for marathons

  • I wouldn't worry too much for 10k training but if you start doing longer runs ( say more than an hour and a half) you want to make sure you take on protein and carbs afterwards to refuel. Milk shakes can be a good way to do this if you don't feel like solid food, but supermarket own brand is fine, no need to buy expensive 'sports' stuff.
  • I love my protein shakes and would be lost without them. I initially started taking them because I am a vegetarian and was seriously lacking in protein. I find it really helps with my running and repair of my muscles afterwards and its very quickly and easily digested, if like me you have a sensitive tummy and can't eat straightaway, you can get whey protein which is specific to dieters too, my one is only 116 cals. wouldn't recommend as meal replacement though.

  • if you eat healthily, lots of fresh fruit and veg, reduce the sugar and saturated fats in your diet, get a bit of fibre daily, drink enough water so your pee doesn't look the colour of Berocca or smell like sugar puffs, and do regular exercise you'll lose most of the excess weight.

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