foot pain

ok im a new runner, and have been resting the last 2 weeks due to pain in my knees. i think the pain is slowly getting better so am happy there is progess there. i keep getting a pain in my right foot that is niggling me though. i have kind of ignored this as i am rubbish at explaining pain, but today i thought of the right words! basically on the outside of my right foot, approx halfway between my heel and toes, it feels like i have a marble stuck to my skin. its a very dull firm pain. dont think i have ever done an injury that could explain it, and i have had the pain since before running. i also get the occasional twinge in my foot that can be very painful, like osmoene is squeezing the nerves/veins together, and again have had this well before running. it lasts a few seconds then goes, normally happens when sat still not when walking etc. any ideas what this could be as i am worried this will slow my progress more than my knees?


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