Post natal running

I have just started running again after giving birth 3 months ago. All the walk run programmes seem too easy as I can easily run for 30 minutes at a time. I am however worried about doing too much too soon due to the risk of injury (I am about 10 pounds overweight and have previously suffered from knee and foot pain). Anyone got any tips??


  • Hi Sarah

    Well done for giving birth and getting back to running.

    You don't say much about your running background, or the nature of your previous injuries (or were they just pains?), so it's hard to be specific. However, these tips should help:

    Put yourself on a twelve week programme, basing the whole programme around a gradual build up to your pre-pregnancy level of exercise. Build slowly - if 30 mins is easy, build your runs in 3 minute increments each week. After a month your runs will be up to about 45 mins - then just start stretching one of them out by 3 mins, leaving the others the same.

    If it's sounding or feeling too tough, or you feel the onset of any pain, consider switching into some swimming for one or even two of the sessions. This fully supported exercise is a great way to build strength and stamina.

    Remember too that weight is a function of calories in v calories expended - make sure that you sort the input side out too - in particular, make sure that you eat enough of the right foods. In my view, it would be unwise to start tackling a weight loss diet at the same time - do your training and try to forget about weight for now.

    Please be sensible - watch out for your safety when running and consider getting a good medical check before you start. I have absolutely no idea what giving birth is like (thank God), but if you can do that, you can certainly become a superfit runner.

    email me if you need any more "structured" training advice - and good luck!

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