Prague Half 03

If all goes well with my job situation, I am planning a weekend in Prague next March, to run in the half marathon and take in the sights. Has anybody run it recently, and knows of decent hotels, B+B's etc. Also, is it better to go with a sports tour firm or make your own way? Some advice needed! Cheers!


  • I ran it last year, I will be back in 2003. You MUST do this run it's great!!!!!!!!
    THE one hotel you want is MOVENPICK, they have a large website and you can book on-line.
    Flights are moron easy to book from Stanstead. A blind man could get from the airport to the hotel it's so easy.
    Just go!
    Take a look at where I have a review. Contact me here or on and I will tell you all there is to know.
    The castle is great and I think I have a webcam on the ropsley site.
  • Based on the info on the Prague International marathon website that the 2003 half-marathon was on the 23 March,10 of us from FROCs (female runners of Chorlton) entered and booked flights from Manchester which arrive in Prague on Sat 22 at 10.50 am. (earliest flight from M/C) Shockingly we've now found out that the details on the PIM website were WRONG and that the race takes place on the 22nd at 12.00 noon. (the PIM website still contains 23 March on its event page!)Discussion with a Czech with faltering english at PIM on how far from the start of the race is the airport and how we can get our race numbers in advance has not been fruitful. Can anyone who has done the race advise? Should we really be thinking of trying to change our flights to the Friday?
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