8 miles with 8 hilll repeats

I have 8 miles with 8 hilll repeats in my training plan for Wednesday (the plan came from RW this year). I have looked at the supportive text and it doesn't really outline how you would do 8 miles with 8 hilll repeats. Is anyone able to advise?


  • I'd run 2 miles warm up to a hill around 1/4 mile long, run up it, jog down it 8 times and then cool down by jogging the 2 miles home.

  • GazOC, thank you - that's perfect.

  • Yes, I do the same sort of thing in my training. I run a mile to a hill to warm up, then I run up and down the hill 8-10 times, then run 3 miles home as a cool down.

  • What are the different benefits, if any, to running more, shorter hill reps (10x400) rather than fewer, longer hill reps (4x1000) ?

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