Hip Flexor Pain

Hi all,

Started running (from nothing) 6 months ago after a rush of blood to my head made me enter the Silverstone 1/2, and have followed my training plan religiously - and comfortably run 10.5 miles yesterday. However I have noticed after increasing my mileage over 6miles I suffer terribly for 2 days (at least) after I run with really painful and tight hip flexors - it hurts to lift my legs into/out of the car, up/down stairs.

Fortunately I am never in pain while running, so I'm confused as to whether I've pulled something, or if its just my body not being used to running these longer distances.

Any suggestions/ hints and tips welcome image



  • How much stretching do you do after running? I've noticed my hips getting tighter now that I've increased my mileage, so I've increased the amount of hip flexor stretches I do too.

  • My left hip flexor has been really tight for a few weeks, since I went for a long run not dressed warmly enough for the weather.  A really thorough set of stretches after the long run on Saturday, a hot water bottle and a couple of soaks in a hot bath seem to have sorted it.  I'm hoping that stretching properly will keep it nice and loose.

  • Thanks for the replies - I'm definitely guilty of skimping on the stretching - so must make a concious effort to improve this image



  • Charley - as well as the stretching, my pilates teacher recommended after a run, when everything is nice and warm, to hold onto something, stand on one leg, and swing the other leg back and forth from the hip (if you flex your foot it won't touch the ground) and then round in semi-circles to the side, then swap. I do it after running and before stretching to loosen things up a bit.

  • Thanks Literatin - will give that a go also!

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