What should I eat? (I know what I'd like to)!

First half in June coming up, training under way and coping with that "bit".  I would like some advice on what I should be putting in my body.  I don't have a bad diet, although I don't really concentrate on "complex carbs", "low GI", "x amount of protien here, x ammount of carbs there".  I want my diet to complement my training and vice versa.  I'm currently running four times per week, covering about 20miles, which I will be increasing as I go along.  I'm a 40 something at 14stone and 5'10".  Over the last 8 months I've lost 2 stone, so I'm doing something right.  My biggest issue.....an awful shift pattern at work which totaly knackers my eating plans.  Any advice, pointers, help is appreciated.  Thanks.


  • You don't really need to do anything special if you have a healthy diet already. Obviously to have lost 2 stone you are eating more healthily and less than you used to along with upping the amount you move.

    5 potions of fruit and veg a day. Try to have at least 2 portions of veg, 3 is better though it's far easier to snack on fruit. Strawberries and blueberries are good fruit to snack on as are raspberries. If you like fizzy drinks then you could try PLJ and sparkling water, very low cal and I like it.

    Take fruit and nuts (esp almonds for men) to work if you tend to snack. Avoid sweets and crisps and other types of unhealthy snacks. There are a few weght loss tricks that you can use. Add protein to your meals as this keeps you feeling fuller for longer, also eat soups or liquiise your meals. Soup stays in your stomach for longer and so you will not feel hungry again so quickly. Eating smaller portions is also a good idea. Use a smaller plate and one that contrasts with the meal that you are eating.

    20 miles a week isn't really enough to start worrying about not getting enough calories, you're only looking at about 2,000 kcal intotal. That's nothing over the course of a week. If you are doing extra strength training (which you could think about doing if you are not) then you need to eat a few more higher protein items. Chicken, turkey, tuna, eggs, etc.

    If your work pattern really is a problem then try planning your meals in advance so that you know what you are eating and when.

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