Knee Injury Advice Needed Please?

Hello Guys

I'm after some advice I'm an amateur boxer and therefore run and skip ALOT!

Recently I've had some problems with my left knee, basically it started to swell up and nag me after I exercised.  During I was pretty fine as long as I planted my feet properly. If I walked up or down the stairs I would feel pain - again not excrutiating but enough for it to bother me.

So I have been rested for the last 5 weeks and while I could start back running today but I don't want to carry a nagging injury.

So I went to see a sports Physio therapist and he noticed I had two HUGE (and I do really mean HUGE) knots in my calf - one on the outside of my calf and one on the inside.

He massaged it for me and the next day I immediately noticed the swelling on the inside of my knee went down so I was feeling great. He has continued to treat my calf and I have been stretching twice a day. Now my calf is almost perfect.

In my most recent session my PT messaged my thigh and hip too and now I have become aware that the muscle on the outside of my thigh is EXTREMELY tight (especially just above my knee) and I'm pretty sure it is pulling on the outside of my knee.

Which is big disappointment as I had thought I only had an issue on the inside of my knee, but it seems that pain was just much more severe than what I was feeling on the outside of my knee.

So Im trying to find out if anyone know what muscle could be causing me problems?  When I squat if I do it slowly enough I get to a point where I feel pain in both sides of my knee the outside is now much worse than the inside.

If I kneel and sit on my feet - if you can imagine what Im describing I feel the tightness just above my knee on my thigh.  When I stretch my leg by bending my knee and pulling my heel to my buttock I feel it too.

I want to start back running and skipping ASAP and I would have though 5 weeks rest would have been ample but Im not confident....

I have been trying a exercise (to build up ankle/knee/hip strength) where I stand on one leg and with the other leg touch all the numbers round an imaginery clock - at about 3'Oclock I start to feel slight pain

Any advice is welcome I am desperate image

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