Sport Relief 2014 Marathon Challenge

Hi I have run plenty of 10k and half marathons over the last few years. However I've never run a full marathon and really itching to take the step up. However as it is Sport Relief next March I thought I would do something a bit nuts and maybe run 6 marathons in the 6 months up to SR. Is this too crazy or a half decent idea? Or should I acclimatise to the distance before attempting such a challenge? For this who agree with my idea, so far I have October as Chester Marathon, Nov as Luton ending in March in Brighton. Can anyone fill in Dec-Feb? Bearing in kind I really don't want any cross country, hilly 26 milers! Cheers all


  • hi,

    i was about the same level as you then jumped up to do a full marathon, and it is a jump! sounds stupid to say not its not just 2 half marathons stuck together, its alot more! i would get one under your belt 1st and then see how u feel.

    plus am looking to runs to do all the time as am aware i havent see any marathons in dec-feb they are mainly in oct/apr/march

  • I think it would certainly be a challenge, but if it's mainly to raise money for sports relief I'm not convinced you'd get six times the donations for your efforts. People are more likely to get interested and start donating closer to the time, so even if it were just the one marathon in March that'd probably be good enough for the fundraising. I wouldn't do it unless you really really think you do want the 'ooh look I'm doing something crazy' challenge.

  • If Eddie Izzard can do it, anyone can! Good luck and sorry I can't be of more assistance image

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Portsmouth Coastal Marathon is December - usually weekend before Christmas but pancake flat. I don't think there are many in January though.
    Good luck.

  • I am struggling with runs in Jan and Feb to be honest.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    this weekend is the heartbreak marathon (off road, fordingbridge, new forest), possibly will be around next February?

  • Ive been thinking of trying an unusual challenge for SR 2014 too. Not sure about the 6 in 6 months thing. I've run half a dozen marathons since 2001 including Londons and Paris and was thinking of maybe Paris then to London for the London marathon and I can recall a forum group who have done this in the past. What do you think? 

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