Looking forward to this one. Judging by previous ratings it should be a great race!   going to enter on the day so hope theres some space!


  • I have done it a couple of times and it has always been ok to enter on the day. It will be muddy in places, but it is a nice course (there are stiles!) and friendly place. Can even get a shower and a cuppa afterwards
  • Im thinking about just turning up on the day at this one and jogging it, just to make a change to my regular sunday long run. I've heard it's a friendly race with a good atmosphere.



  • Leisure centre e-mailed me and confirmed entries will be taken on the day. looks like its going to be bloody cold!

  • It is going to be a cold one! Still as Adam says nice to do a run somewhere different and with company. I'm going as long as the roads aren't icy ..

  • Did you run Dan and Adam? I enjoyed it, but it was VERY cold!!
  • Yes! Loved the course - really challenging! Just a shame a few more runners didn't turn up! Guess one reason might be Brighton and Tunbridge wells Halfs where both today and they might have got all the runners!image 

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