New shoes

I need help I've got some Adidas trainers I brought last year and they are fine for about 10k then my feet start to ache. I tried doing my first ever 10 miles Sunday before last in these trainers which I managed to complete in 1 hr 44 mins. But I ended up with tendinitis in my foot. I've had nike trainers before and they were fine. I'm doing my first half marathon in April and need some ideas to a good trainer. Any help would be great!


  • Go to a proper running shop, get them to watch you on a treadmill and see what they say
  • Also look at some inserts for your shoes. I have been using sorbothane double strike inserts.
  • Terri, as a matter of urgency you need to make sure that you're running in the right type of shoe otherwise you are in danger of not making the start line. I run in 'cushioned neutral' for example but you may need 'support' or 'stability'. Second what Dave says above but if you don't have a good shop near you the least you can do is go online and check requirements for your foot/gait type. has some good basic advice I believe.

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