Strange Injury or Pain glute or hamstring


I am having physio for right leg pain.  I am a new runner and for six weeks have battled through a mixture of odd things happening.  I first had symptoms of the glute not working which aggravated further pain deep in the hip area.  It suddenly dissapeared after circuit training, and i believe a pressure point on my pelvis on the right side is the cause because the pain dissapeared and is now further down the leg like a tight hamstring.  When i press onto the pressure point the pain is relieved. 

Has this happened to anyone else and is there any great explaination for it or cure?  I do run about 20 plus miles a week despite the pain so im probably not helping it.


  • it may be to do with your sciatic nerve?

  • I'm convinced it is sciatic but the physio thinks otherwise.

  • Do you have shooting pains down into calves and lower legs, and or feelings like the muscle isnt working properly.?
    If so its probably sciatic nerve.
    otherwise it could be the pressure points as shown here

    tennis ball massage is good for glutes

  • Hi Max's Mum

    No thank god I don't have any shooting pains and the pain nests right under the ball joint area but shifts, so yesterday it was pulling at the back of the hamstring and today its almost gone, but if I sit down to do stretching I can feel it right under the ball joint.  The pressure points when pressed are still easing any pain or streched feeling though.  All very odd.  Thanks for the link, and noted the picture of the pressure point in the neck. Also I read an artical about pressing for 10 seconds onto the pressure points, do you know if that is recommended?

  • Hi, not sure what you mean about the pressure point in the neck, unless you were looking at the picture on the top left of the page which is a kind of logo i think - the link should have sent you to the gluteus minimus pressure points.

    I am not sure about the recommended time, i just tend to press until the pain is reduced. and repeat several times a day. image


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