What underwear to wear whilst running?



  • m&s shorts which are vpl free image

  • ferbreeze is good for freshening up sports gear saves washing image

  • I wear stuff, I wash it.

    I couldn't even think of wearing running gear that hadn't been washed since the last run. image

    I have three pairs of running tights, that gives me plenty of time to wash them before they are needed - even if I ran every day!


  • +1 for M&S no VLP ones- my favourite, but I've run in all kinds, including thong and cotton boxer shorts. Not a great choice. Haven't tried commando, some tights like skins are too see -through for this option.
  • Couldn't give a stuff about VPL..

    Must admit in the winter I get a couple of goes out of tights. I figure if I run 5 one day then 5 the next what's the difference than running 10 in one go. Tops and undies only one go.image

    Summer is different!


  • I use Nike underwear,really soft shorts like a tight boxer short or cycle short,and it helps prevent inner thigh rub too
  • David Falconer 3 wrote (see)

    I sometimes go commando but I end up with bruises on the side of my knees...


    if you do wear white shorts commando without shaving your arse then people are going to give you a right kicking....no wonder you have bruises

  • A thong definitely, it's loads more comfortable and you don't get any chafing from the seams inside your leggings.....
  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭
    Triathlon shorts under regular running shorts. Stop chafing and prevent everything bouncing about but don't look out of place.
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