hello all,

just thought i would  introduce myself.  I'm on the starting and hopefully finish line for outlaw in July.  it Will be my first  full distance.  I'm going to hang around on the forum and hopefully provide some decent banter  if no one minds, then maybe sign up to the pirate way  life.  Cheers



  • hello Ozzy 

    good luck.

  • Welcome Ozzy!  See you at Outlaw!

  • Welcome Ozzy and good luck with your training. See you in Nottingham.

  • Ozzy was our last dog's name!

  • Thanks for that! Luckily it's not my Christian name, just my nickname!
  • Welcome Ozzy!! A friend of mine called his lad Ozzy only last year. Good luck at Outlawimage

  • Don't feel bad, Ozzy was an absolutely beautiful dog with a wonderful temperament - that's him on the left of my avatar at 14 weeks old. And he was a good swimmer and runner, finished about a dozen half-marathon races and did all my marathon training with me. So...welcome to the forum!

  • Hi Ozzy.there are a couple of outlaw threads around.just join inimage

  • Bionic Ironwolf wrote (see)

    Ozzy was our last dog's name!

    Ozzy is our latest dog's name too. He's full of energy, but in no shape to run a HM...

  • Roger that. Thanks for all of your very random comments! I look forward to the words of encouragement/banter on the forums to keep my mind in the game, and if all goes well look forward to seeing the flood of yellow and black at Outlaw!
  • welcome...
    so whats the 287 mean...??

  • Waves at Ozzy image

  • Engineer - our latest dog is Charly, another White Shepherd, 9 months old. My adult dog is Nemo, German Shepherd, nearly 6,  coal black and gleaming!

    Ozzy - having a dog means you can't ever say you don't want to go for a run! Gets you out training.

  • Last numbers of my regimental number. I'm in the army. My "club" is the army triathlon association officially!
  • Hi Ozzy, see you at the Outlaw.

  • I'm waiting until I'm out of the army before I get a dog and probably treat myself to a new bike. Thanks for your welcome. See you all at outlaw!
  • Hello Ozzy, not on here much but welcome anyway.


  • So monique...

    Why the battenburg......?
  • 'cos she likes it, ennit.

  • Really need to stick a pic on my profile!
  • ARGH!! How did that just happen! Just hit the PayPal on a teensy little 70.3 (ssshhh not telling anyone). Feel excited, horrified and determined in equal measure... Is that 'tri-polar' - can it be medicated?

    Hope all are having a good weekend - duathlon tomorrowimage

    Going to start HR training on Monday... worried will be bored and slow...Who loves it? Appreciate any enouragement to persevere... need to do something different.

  • You will be fine. Could be worse and have clicked on 140.6! I do all my training as heart rate. Seems to be working for me. Takes a little while to get used to
  • My Oly race training starts on 1 March and kicks over into 70.3 training on 15 April.


  • You make that sound very easy... I've got an off road Marathon in early July (16 wk plan starting in 2wks - in past I have done over the plan, don't believe in not being able to run 28 if wanting to race 26!...70.3 in Sept (planning on an Olympic somewhere inbetween). Going to have a good planning-type-think tomorrow; thinking of M plan 3 key runs with bike and swim as the x-training... If I do a 22 wk 70.3 that should kick in mid June - keep the runs up but with more focused bike and swim sessions... does that all sound too mad??

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