1/2 marathon

Hi I'm doing training for the Warwick half marathon on 17/03/13 and was wondering how far my long training run should be.


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Depends on how far your longest run has been to date.

    Traditional plans for HM first-timers tend to have a maximum of 10 miles, and this should be no later than 3 weeks before the event to allow full recovery & for the training to have an effect.  That means you'd need to do it this weekend.

    However, if you currently haven't run further than 8 miles then trying to jump to 10 miles would be too risky (i.e. you are likely to cause more harm than good).

    Based on this question, I'm assuming you haven't followed a training schedule? 


  • It depends. Are you training to get round alive, to get under a certain time or to achieve as close to your potential as you can? I don't run half marathons personally. I could run one tomorrow but not do as well as I should. If I were to train for one properly I'd be looking at a long run peaking around 16-18 miles.

  • Agree - I would be running over distance for a half marathon to give it my best shot. But - it depends how far you have built up the long run to date - so it's difficult to give specific answers without some background and your ambitions.

  • I'll see you there Wolves1877!

    It's my first half marathon and I'll be doing my first 10 mile run this Thursday, which will be my longest run distance before the marathon comes around. I am a bit tempted to run longer the week after but think this might be overdoing it. As it's my first half I'm not bothered about a time and just want to complete it, which I'm fairly sure I could already to be honest.

    How long have you gone so far?

  • Hi thanks all I usually do about 8 miles on my long run so stepping up to 10 shouldn't be too bad. I have done half marathons before but now am training to beat a time 2:00hrs. Thanks for your help and best of luck.
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