Friday Session

I can't be first ??!!
Well here goes
What: more eliptical trainer
Why: sore foot - hopefully better for a big run on Sunday
Last hard day : Tuesday
Last rest day : can't remember

p.s lovely sunny day here again!!


  • Morning all – bright and sunny (but a bit chilly)

    What : Nothing
    Why: now in rest and eat mode prior to the GNR

    Good luck to everyone running this weekend

  • Morning all. Quite nice here.

    What: Swim after work this afternoon.
    Why: No more running before GNR but quite fancy a gentle splash in the pool.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
    Last rest day: Wednesday.
  • What: Nothing
    Why: Still suffering from cold
    Last Hard: Sunday, Windsor 1/2
    Last Rest: Yesterday

    Good luck to evrybody running in the GNR, I'll be watching the race on the box.

  • Morning :o)

    What: 9 miles including 35 mins at marathon pace
    Why: Tempo run
    Last hard run: Wednesday
    Last rest day: Tuesday

    Good luck to all you GNR runners, have a great race.

  • Morning,

    I'm with Wild Will and Vrap in GNR tapering mode.

    Thanks for good luck messages and good luck to everyone else, hope to spot some of you there.

    Also good luck to Martin for your marathon.
  • Nice and bright today
    What: 5 miler 2 hills tonight
    why: interesting attempt at sprinting 2x200 and 1x150m during last nights "fast" run.

    "I feel the need the need for speed"

    Unfortunately about 8-9mph is about as fast as I get before the centifugal force of my rapidly moving gut makes me lollop off course and into a tree.
    Plus my sprint to stop distance is about 50m which could explain why I kept getting sent off in football games as a kid.
  • oh and good luck GNR runner and Martin
  • Despite it being a national holiday in Germany yesterday I didn't get a day off due to pressure of work. More pressure today - but despite feeling under the weather have decided that, provided things don't get worse, I'm going to do the marathon. Not wasting all those months of summer training.

    Today: Very easy 30 minutes
    Why: see above
    Last rest: Yesterday
    Last hard day: Over a week ago

    No more posting until Monday so good luck to all GNR racers and to other racers this weekend.
  • what: probably cross train plus maybe short speed on treadmill
    why: suspicious of R knee and have race on Sunday
    last rest : yesterday
    last hard day : sunday

    good luck to GNR team plus others and esp MatinH in Big M debut
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    morning all,

    What : rest day
    Why : Friday

    Good luck all weekend racers
  • Nice one this morning.

    What - 3.8m time trial over road & woodland track.
    Why - felt i needed to stretch my legs a bit.

    PB, not actually running Lewes on sunday, i'm concentrating on the shorter stuff at the moment, but hope to be running this sort of distance event by the end of the year, with aim of 1/2 marathon in Feb. Things seem to be going to plan, with my long weekend run now up to 8.5m.

    Good luck on sunday.
  • Hi all. Had a good session last night with the club although nothing with the kids due to midge1's football injury/excuse. Did about 5M in 45mins but as some of that time was waiting for the runners to bunch up I actually ran quite fast for me, up some tough hills and felt good doing it.

    Got the XC league sheet so I can add 3 more races to the 10M and 1/2M I'm planning through the winter. I think that should give me enough incentive to keep at it through the dark and cold.

    Today - rest
    why - had 3 days running inc two hard sessions
    last hard - last night but not as hard as Tuesday was.
    last rest - Monday

    Good luck to all thiis weekend including midge1 who has his first XC race on Sunday. I have a sponsored runner at GNR so will try to see a bit of it - will look for the vests!
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    Hi all, nice and sunny,

    What: 5 miles of hills
    Why: why not !
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last hard day: wednesday, 8 miles.

    Feeling great ! !

    Good luck everyone on Sunday at the GNR I live about 12 miles away, will try and get to see you, traffic permiting.

  • What: Early swim, then hill reps at lunchtime.
    Why: Got to spend time sorting my swim time out for triathlons, hill reps are part of the cross country schedule I've adapted from Runners World.
    Plus out on the town living the high life in Mucky Batley tonight.
    Good luck all the GNR and London- Brighton folk.
  • Hi all! I think my resolve to stay away has crumbled along with the reasons.

    What: 4M run, 22M bike.

    Thanks to BK for assistance with my lovely piccy. I am told it is not a good likeness (that is, not very like me), but it's very handsome. And this morning, by the stream through the woods, almost luminous in the deep shade, one preceded me up the path. Seeing one is one of God's great treats.

    Bike ride was out to a village to take tea with a woman who has spent 23 years in a wheelchair with undiagnosed paralysis, who more or less taught me how to get by on sticks and live with a GOK diagnosis. We had a lovely natter.

    Glorious day all round.

    Good luck to racers all. Look forwards to hearing all about it.

  • What : Glorious 4 miler on a new route whilst middle daughter had tennis lesson

    Why : Juggling - and I'm on a gilrs night in tonight so I don't fancy an early morning run tomorrow

    Good Luck all you GNRers hope you all have a wonderful race
  • What: if I can I'll escape tonight for one hour. Up at 6am this morning to catch up with work I didn't do yesterday and day before (on here!)... got to be up at 6am tomorrow for long drive!!!!!
    Why: I'm off schedule. Today should be rest, but need to run.

    Anyway enough about me...Good luck Martin H. It'll all go well. And all you GNRers... how far from Bolton - will I see any of you?

  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Good luck all GNR racers and all those racing this weekend. That includes me too then!
  • what: after some dithering, went for 9.3K course, fast as poss. Got round in 35:59½ - 2nd fastest ever on this course (PB set in 1994), including a 5:55½ last mile. Overall pace about 6:13 miling.
    why: wanted the run-up to next 10K (Chester Zoo next Sun) to include a near race-level effort run. Now just hoping that dryish feeling in the throat goes away....

    last hard day: Sun (before today)
    last rest day: Sat
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