Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon - anyone able to offer a lift?

Hi guys, running by first half ever at Silverstone on 3rd March. Is there anyone driving up that has a spare seat in exchange for petrol money? 




  • just to clarify for the regulars this a genuine request or is it a we have had a few windup threads on this subject in the pastimage

  • Aye I noticed looking through! no death threats from me im afraid - a straight up genuine request.


  • Might help if you said where you wanted a lift from!

  • Good point. I'm in North London!

  • Hi all, I too am looking for a lift up to Silverstone next weekend. I'd be more than happy to offer petrol money to the driver rather than the only alternative - the coach service which doesn't head back to London until 3pm! I expect to finish in 2 hrs max.

    I'm based in NW London but happy to travel to meet a lift in London or from the closest train station, Wolverton.

    Many thanks,

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