My first 10k race

Hello everybody.

I have entered my first 10k race, Thorney, Sunday 24th March. I recently joined a running club and with my partner can run nearly 5.5 miles no stopping without a problem. When I train on my own I can barely make it to a mile without wanting to give in.

Anyone have any tips on how to run on my own & any tips on how to try and get my speed up in the next 4 weeks.



  • Hi Rebecca,

    First of all, congrats on taking the plunge and entering a race!  What kind of time are you targetting or are you simply happy to just get round?

    When out running on your own, what makes you want to stop? Tiredness, lack of motivation?

  • Running on your own - HTFU? You may be running too quickly, try running slower if you feel the urge to stop. I listen to podcasts for company.

    Don't worry about building up speed over the next few weeks, just build up time on feet.

  • Your problem is obviously your pacing. Do you talk to your partner when training together? One trick you could try is talking out loud / singing whilst you are running. If you cannot talk then as a beginner you are running too fast so slow down, get your breath back and the try again.

    If you run with a stopwatch when you run with your partner make a mental note of times you get to the end of a road / key points then when you run on your own try and match these times, difficult but it helps.

  • stu jstu j ✭✭✭

    there was an article on pacing here:

    I know it's something I really need to work on  when I get away from the treadmill

  • Thanks everyone, really good points. Yes I talk to my partner the whole way round, I obviously run too fast when I'm on my own. I think this may be because of the music I listen too. Maybe I'll ditch and listen to podcasts, thanks for the advice.

    Thanks everyone image

  • Rebecca I'm running my first Marathon on the 6th May in Belfast and doing my first 10k on the 1st April no joke lol. I was were you were at the start but it finallys get there in time, I'm running now 4 times a week with my big run at the weekend which will be 15 miles this week  on Saturday. It really has been great for me so many ways with my health and well being. Take it easy then you 'll find without knowing hell I can do this.

  • Thanks Kevin. Sometimes you just need a bit of a boost to keep you going. I wish you all the best with your marathon that's a big challenge. I'm doing a half in October and looking at entering a marathon for next spring. Hopefully thats do-able. Keep me posted on how your doing image

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