1st Marathon advice

Hi all,

I am in the process of trainning for my first marathon.  My intention is to run the wolvehamton marathon in september but i am not sure logistically is the best way to participate. (travelling from manchester)

I do drive but i am thinking that at the end of running 26.2 miles the last thing i will want to do is drive.  And may even be dangerous owing to cramp etc.  the website does not mention anything about showers so I am not sure whether this is an option, and even if it were, what is the likely wait time and is there normally an extra fee?

the other option travel wise is the train, but again this is not without the similar issue of recovery.  What does everybody else do when travelling out of town to an event?? Will i have to get a room; because if so that seems a tad expensive way of doing things.  help?


much appreciate any advice.





  • Not many races can put on showers for 1000s of runners - so its unlikely.

    Are you a member of a gym ? If its a chain you might find a branch near the race.

    After my first marathon I could barely walk - even getting the train the next day was tough - but I think I'd underprepared myself.

    I'd rather get the train than drive though. Some stations have showers even. Failing that - wet wipes ?
  • Cheers I will look into the gym option.

  • Yes - a good wet wipe bath is often the best you can do. Try and do it before you seize up image then let the train take the strain.

  • cheers also

  • There will be plenty of cheap B&Bs in the Wolverhampton area. It's not the most salubrious location in the world (I live about 6 miles away before anyone from there takes the hump) and IIRC there are a bunch of them actually along the route that the marathon takes, assuming it hasn't changed from last year.

  • If you can possibly manage it get a friend/family member to drive you home (make a day of it?) and avoid the usual weekend train works, replacements buses and delays! - while a B&B is better than risking driving back in a bad state, it's no substitute for getting home quickly, bath and relaxing and sleeping in your own bed - then having no rush to get up the next day to check out and travel etc..

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